Be independent with peace of mind.

Independence Plus Program

At Ebenezer, We Are Pleased to Offer Our Independence Plus Program.

Sometimes a little extra help can make all the difference in your life. Independent living is important to you; but so is the knowledge that someone will be there, in case you need assistance. With our Independence Plus Program, you can stay independent, and know that help is always close by.

Emergency Pendant & Daily Check Provide Peace of Mind
Our Independence Plus program is designed for those who are already benefiting from our Senior Living package but would like access to an emergency pendant and a daily check for safety and peace of mind. Our Independence Plus program also creates a lifestyle of convenience, freedom, and support. This program offers a number of features that can make your life easier today and over time. It supports your independent living choice, leaving you in control, but with easy-to-access help and a daily check.

The Support You Need to Live the Life You Want
Our Independence Plus program creates a lifestyle of convenience, freedom, and support. Our licensed nursing staff will provide initial and ongoing assessments so our team can provide assistance during an emergency health event or change in condition and make care recommendations. Our goal is to offer options and services that are tailored to your wants and needs, helping you to age in place.

Who is this program ideal for?
This program is ideally designed for residents who are completely independent but would still like access to in house staff in case of an emergency. This plan allows for maximum independence as well as peace of mind for the resident and their loved ones. With Independence Plus, you can continue to enjoy your same independent lifestyle, with emergency assistance, should you need it, and a daily check that enhances safety.

How Is This Program Different from Assisted Living?
The Independence Plus program offers only emergency assistance to Independent Living residents along with a Daily I’m OK check.
No other Assisted Living Services (i.e. shower assist, med management) are available under this program. The Assisted Living level of care allows for the full spectrum of health care services to be available to the resident.

Consider Independence Plus for yourself or a loved one. This independent living support program is one more way that Ebenezer provides outstanding senior living options. 


Emergency response pendant

  • Residents can request in house emergency response with a push of the pendant 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Additional charges will be assessed following each pendant press.

Daily I’m ok check

This safety check ensures that the resident has been checked on once per day.

Independence Plus participants will be subjected to all standard intake assessments in order to participate in this program.

Cost of Independence Plus program:


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