Taking care of the whole person.

Spiritual Health

At TowerLight, we welcome individuals of all different faith backgrounds. Our Spiritual Health program supports residents, family members and staff in continuing spiritual growth and well-being. Spiritual health can have a positive effect on both health and longevity.


Studies have shown that spiritual care can:

  • Slow the progression of cognitive impairment with aging. It may even be associated with a slower progression of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Foster increased social participation
  • Lower stress and increase coping capabilities

Everyone (resident, family member, staff) is welcome to receive spiritual care services from our part-time Chaplain George Atabaah on Wednesdays.

Rabbi Lynn Liberman is also available through Jewish Family Services - Virtual Visits

Chaplain George Atabaah

Contact Pastor George Atabaah via ​email gkatabaah@gmail.com

Spiritual Health Programs

  • Weekly Interdenominational Services
  • Celebration of Life Service Once a Month
  • Interdenominational Monday Bible Study Group
  • Catholic Communion Visits
  • Wednesday Devotions