Nutrition Facts

TowerLight House Diet

No Salt Added
We do not add salt to our meals at TowerLight. This plan follows a regular diet and the client should not add salt at the table if they are concerned with their sodium intake. We use low-sodium products when available in our everyday cooking.

3-4 Gram Sodium Diet
This diet follows the No Added Salt Diet except higher sodium foods such as bacon, ham and other pork products should be eliminated.

Consistent Carbohydrate Diet
Based off our regular diet, which has a consistent amount of carbohydrates at each meal. Smaller servings of desserts will be allowed. Foods that contain carbohydrates for example are milk, fruits, breads, grains, pasta, rice and desserts.

Low Fat Low Cholesterol Diet
This diet follows our regular diet. We would eliminate fried foods and high fat content foods. Skim milk and margarine will be used. The use of gravies and high fat sauces would be reduced or eliminated.

Mechanical Soft Diet
This diet is used for clients who have a tough time chewing. We use ground or chopped meats and softer textured foods, such as canned fruits or bananas.

Pureed Diet
This diet is used for clients who have chewing and swallowing problems. All foods are pureed to the consistency of mashed potatoes or pudding.

Thickened Liquids
Thick liquids are used for clients who have swallowing problems and will cough or choke on thin liquids. Thick liquids are often paired with a pureed diet, but are ordered separately. When thickened liquids are ordered, gelatin, broth soups, ice cream, sherbet, tap water and cream soups should all be avoided. There are three consistencies , nectar-like liquids, honey- like liquids or pudding-like liquids.