Bridging the Generation Gap

Intergenerational Programs

TowerLight Childcare is located right next door to TowerLight Senior Living, and our kids have regular opportunities to spend time with their "Grandfriends".


As children and seniors share memories, play games and create together, an unmistakable bond forms that transcends generations. Children learn to think beyond their small worlds. Seniors feel a new sense of purpose. For kids who don't live near their own grandparents, this connection can be especially poignant and meaningful.

Because of our convenient location, TowerLight Childcare offers children and seniors daily opportunities to interact and build friendships through staff-supervised activities.

Sample Activities:

  • Teaching Artists ProgramsName of the element

  • Rockabye Baby Hour

  • MacPhail Music Classes

Grandfriends Working Together

TowerLight residents and their grandfriends read the story Sky Color about a young girl who works collaboratively with her class to paint a mural. Residents and children followed up the story by painting their own murals, which the residents began started and the students put the finishing touches on later.