Healthiest Foods for Seniors to Eat

What a person eats is important in order to maintain their health no matter what age they are. However, as someone gets older and reaches the point where they move into an assisted living community in St. Louis Park, their diet suddenly becomes even more important. If someone makes sure to maintain a healthy diet in their older years, then they can postpone or sometimes entirely prevent the occurrence of some age-related diseases.

But since people in an independent living home in St. Louis Park are responsible for deciding what they do or do not eat, it is important that they know which foods they should be making sure to consume on a more frequent basis. Here are a few of the healthiest foods that people in senior care in St. Louis Park need to start eating if they want to be as physically and mentally healthy as possible.


It is no surprise that fish is on this list, considering the fact that it has long been established that fish is a particularly healthy type of food. In fact, fish is one of the main ingredients in the Mediterranean Diet, which is widely regarded as one of the best diets that a person can be on. Although any type of fish will be beneficial for an elderly person to consume, it is salmon that is the most beneficial.

This is largely due to the fact that it contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This type of fatty acid has been linked to a decrease in beta-amyloid. This unfortunate protein has been shown to lead to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Therefore, anyone living in memory care in St. Louis Park will likely suffer from a high amount of beta-amyloid in their system. That is why anything that they can do to lower the amount of beta-amyloid in their body is going to be a big benefit to both their physical and mental wellbeing.

In order to prepare salmon in the healthiest way possible, it is best to grill it up, although eating it in any form is still going to deliver major health benefits. If someone makes sure to eat a full serving of salmon at least once a week, then it should be enough to deliver the recommended amount of omega-3 fatty acids into the person’s system.

Chia Seeds

Another very healthy type of food for people in a senior living home in St. Louis Park to eat is chia seeds. This is because of the effect they have on controlling a person’s blood sugar levels. Even if someone does not have diabetes, monitoring their blood sugar levels is something that everyone should be doing, especially older individuals.

Luckily, chia seeds contain viscous fiber, which has been shown to slightly reduce a person’s blood sugar levels when consumed. Therefore, if someone believes that they may have particularly high blood sugar levels, then they may want to add some chia seeds to their meal in order to help counteract this.

The good thing is that chia seeds are extremely easy to incorporate into any meal and can even be incorporated into smoothies if someone drinks a lot of those. However, the easiest and most delicious way to consume chia seeds is to add them to breakfast foods like porridge with berries in it, which is already a relatively healthy breakfast.


Elderly people crave snacks just like the rest of us. The unfortunate part about this is that there are not many snack foods that are healthy for someone to consume on a regular basis. However, one of the best snack choices for a senior is almonds.

Since they do not contain any sugar, older individuals do not have to worry about this snack rotting away at their teeth. In fact, eating almonds can actually help to fortify their eyes. This is because the various nutrients that are found within almonds can actually help to slow down the advancement of cataracts.

Therefore, If someone knows that they are particularly vulnerable to developing cataracts or have already started to develop them, then eating almonds may be able to somewhat slow down the rate at which they develop. So the next time that a senior is feeling like they need a stack, they should reach for some almonds which not only tastes delicious but will also help to keep their eyes healthy.


A frequent health issue that many seniors have to deal with is inflammation. In fact, this is the root cause of many health conditions, such as arthritis and general joint pain, which often occur in most elderly individuals. Thankfully, by eating cherries on a regular basis, a person can help to reduce the effects that inflammation has on them.

This is due to the fact that red cherries contain antioxidants, which are proven to have a positive effect when it comes to healing inflammation within the body. This is another food option that can actually be eaten plain as a snack but can also be easily incorporated into many other meals such as salads.


This is yet another type of food that has been widely known as being healthy for a while now. However, most people are not aware of exactly why spinach is so healthy. The main reason why it is a good idea for everyone, but especially elderly people, to eat spinach is because it contains the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.

These particular antioxidants are able to make a person’s eyes more durable, which means that they can go much longer in their life before needing glasses. In fact, if someone takes good care of their eyes and eats spinach on a regular basis, then there is a chance that they may never need glasses in the first place.

Spinach can be easily consumed as a side dish to any meal or can be blended up and consumed as a smoothie alongside other antioxidants like blueberries to boost the effect that it has on a person’s eyes.

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