Care for Seniors with Chronic Conditions

Senior woman being helped by a caregiver

Approximately 85 percent of older adults have at least one chronic health condition, and 60 percent have at least two chronic conditions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For many older people, coping with multiple chronic conditions is a real challenge. Learning to manage a variety of treatments while maintaining quality of…

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When to Look for Assisted Living

If you have older family members, you may end up having to look into an assisted living facility in St. Louis Park at some point in the future. This is common among those who develop memory problems or physical disability due to aging. However, knowing the right time to look into an assisted living facility…

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Boosting Safety for Seniors at Home

Every year, 3 million older adults are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries. If you live alone, guard yourself against falls by ensuring your home is as fall-proof as possible. Flooring is Key Many seniors slip and fall because of slippery surfaces. Marble can get very slippery when wet but is also very tough on bones…

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But I’m not ready for Assisted Living…

“I’m not ready yet.” It’s a phrase often heard these days. Navigating the senior living industry and different care options is often challenging and frustrating. We’d all love to stay in the comfort in our  homes and take care of our own self to keep our independence up until we go to our forever home.…

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Medications and Older Adults

Enhanced Care Suites

It’s a common concern that we hear about often in senior care. Older adults missing medications, mixing medications; and truly not understanding the medications they take. As you get older, your body changes. These changes can increase the chances that you’ll have side effects when you take medications. Older people often have more health problems and take more medications than younger people. Because of this, older adults are more likely to experience harmful interactions be […]

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Winter Move-in Special—Limited Time

Mention this offer at your visit and receive $1,280 off Second Month’s Rent or $1,280 towards moving services provided by Gentle Transitions. TowerLight Senior Living is a modern and energetic community that provides a full continuum of senior living options for aging adults. We offer diverse programming, quality care, and one-of-a kind intergenerational experiences with…

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Who says dreams don’t come true?

Integrity. That word has a lot do with truth and honesty, things that can get a bit murky in dementia care, as we work to validate feelings and honor the way a person with dementia views the world.  At our recent Mission Breakfast event at Ebenezer, I was asked to prepare a story that related to Integrity, one of our five core Ebenezer values. To tell the truth (ahem), I wasn’t quite sure (at first) that I could spin the story I really wanted to tell (yes, I chose the story before bei […]

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Independence vs. Isolation – How Senior Living Improves Lives

Many older adults want to stay in their home as long as possible. There is an assumption that staying in your home means you are independent, but the reality is it can often lead to loneliness and isolation. The health effects of long-term isolation are measurable and include chronic health conditions, depression, anxiety, dementia and even premature death. One study reported the negative health effects of long-term isolation are equal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Loneliness is on the ri […]

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Apathy, Dementia and Activities

Apathy.  It’s one of the approximately 500 symptoms you might well find under the umbrella term of dementia.  According to Microsoft Word, apathy’s synonyms include lethargy, boredom, unconcern, droopiness, and dispiritedness.  For a person with dementia, this state of being may result in the inability to initiate activity, and/or spontaneous thought.  Many of us, when feeling bored or droopy, have the ability to switch gears, maybe go for a walk, call a friend, o […]

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