But I’m not ready for Assisted Living…

“I’m not ready yet.” It’s a phrase often heard these days. Navigating the senior living industry and different care options is often challenging and frustrating. We’d all love to stay in the comfort in our  homes and take care of our own self to keep our independence up until we go to our forever home. The reality is that most people won’t get to do that. The majority of every senior 65 and up should expect to need at least a few years of long-term care, probably in an assisted living or care center.

For many older adults there comes a point in time where living on their own just isn’t safe. Additionally, when the “it’s time to move,” decision has been made, we often see that it’s a crisis situation. This would mean that the senior and their loved ones haven’t planned properly, which isn’t good for anyone in this transition.Don’t wait until there’s a crisis. Get together with family today to create a plan, visit communities and know what resources/support is available to you and your loved one. We can help!!

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