Posture Workshop: Get It Straight

April 19, 2017

Ever caught your own reflection to see that your head hangs too far forward or your shoulders are too rounded, or you slump too much? In this workshop, we’ll do exercises that correct common posture problems and you will learn an instant alignment technique that will have you standing straighter immediately.  Posture affects how you look, how you feel, and how others perceive you. Poor posture is the #1 cause of back and neck discomfort and can lead to a lifetime of annoying aches and pains. By improving your posture, you improve the health and comfort of your spine. By standing tall you can stop the rounding over that occurs as we age, causing you to shrink in stature. And last, but not least, your posture conveys a lot of info to the outside world about your mental and emotional state, as well as confidence level. In this workshop, you will learn very specific exercises to straighten your shoulders, flatten your upper back, strengthen lower back and all 4 layers of abdominal muscle. You will learn tips and techniques that will improve alignment immediately. We will discuss back-friendly ways to adjust your computer workstations or desk; how to adjust your car seat to help your posture, beneficial sleeping/resting/reading positions and much more! There are many benefits to improving posture — and the good news is it doesn’t matter how long you may have had poor posture. Your clothes will fit and look better, too!

Presented by Janice Novak, who developed her unique posture program over twenty years of working with individual clients and teaching thousands of workshops.  She has been quoted as the country's premier expert on posture in national and regional publications and broadcasts.

Janice has a Masters Degree in Health & Physical Education. She is an internationally acclaimed, best selling author, speaker and wellness consultant who teaches workshops and seminars for hospitals, corporations and professional organizations.

She presents up-to-date info on pertinent health/wellness topics that can improve employee health, decrease sick days, improve productivity, alertness, energy and motivation.

Janice empowers people to take action toward attaining better health. Her easy-to-use techniques are informational and motivational and can easily be integrated into daily life.

She teaches simple steps that lead to powerful changes in how you look and feel.

Janice regularly presents health segments on television and radio, including a guest spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show discussing her best selling book, "Posture, Get It Sraight!.